Eleni’s Nut Free Commitment

From dough to door, every cookie that leaves our facility is held to the highest standards of safety throughout every stage of production.

No child should feel left out when dessert is served. At Eleni's dessert comes first, and so does your child's health and safety.

Why we're nut free

We like to say, "Eat Dessert First" and feel that no one should be denied delicious dessert because of an allergy. That is why our goal is to produce the best tasting nut free, low calorie cookies. Old fashion, crisp cookies that pair perfectly with a glass of milk. Being nut free allows many of our customers to pack our cookies in their child's school lunch, or bring them in as a classroom snack for more kids to enjoy!

Once a food allergy is diagnosed, it changes the food purchasing habits of the entire family. We want to make that process just a little bit easier.

Did you know?

2.5% of children are estimated to have a peanut allergy. And this number is up +21% from 2010!

  • I am often asked if either of my own two children have a nut allergy. No they don't! I originally decided to take nuts out of all our recipes because the benefits so outweighed the the few items that contained nuts. It was an easy decision because we take our customers health and well-being very seriously."


About our facilities

In order to offer the variety of specialty cookies that we do, we manufacture our cookies in four different bakery locations.

Hand-Decorated Cookies: All hand-iced cookies are baked in a 100% nut free bakery. One can rest assured that when they enjoy our hand decorated cookies they are entirely free from nuts.

Photo and Logo Cookies: All cookies are carefully handled to ensure the finest quality and print production. This location is entirely nut free EXCEPT for, once a year, we bake a peanut product in a separate room and on separate equipment that never comes in contact with our photo or logo cookies. Additionally, equipment is tested monthly to ensure there are no traces of peanuts or tree nuts. While we take every precaution necessary to ensure safe, nut-free production of our photo and logo cookies, we encourage customers to choose this option at their discretion.

Crisp Cookies: Our Crisp Cookies are baked in a facility that has designated nut-free rooms. Our crisp cookies never leave this part of the facility and never come in contact with products that contain nuts which are in entirely separate parts of the facility. Additionally, we test for allergens every time to bake to ensure there has been no cross contamination. While our crisp cookies are entirely nut-free, we encourage customers to make this choice at their own discretion.

All Eleni's cookies are entirely nut-free, however, if you have a very severe allergy, we recommend that you enjoy our hand-decorated cookies for complete safety.