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Color Me! Dogs Gift Tin

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We judge all our sugary shapes with an emphasis on sweetness and pure-bred baking technique. This cookie kennel will allow you to turn a blank cookie canvas into Best in Show.

What's Inside

You'll receive 10 hand-iced dog themed sugar cookies and 5 edible ink markers in each tin. The size of each dog cookie is as follows

  • 2 dachshunds (5.5" x 2")
  • 2 labs (4.5" x 2")
  • 2 tiny Scotties (2" x 1.5")
  • 1 poodle (3" x 3")
  • 1 Scotty (3.25" x 3")
  • 1 sitting puppy (4" x 3")
  • 1 Wheaton Terrier (2.5" x 3")
  • 5 edible ink markers

This product contains: 10 cookies.

Product Packaging

Unbleached Flour, Butter, Sugar, Egg and Vanilla; Icing:
Powdered Sugar, Merigue Powder [Potato Starch, Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda,
Xanthan Gum, Salt, Lactic Acid, Egg Albumen], Water and Corn Syrup, Contains 2%
or less of the following: Glycerin, Sorbitol Modified Food Starch, Preservative
[Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate], Vegetable Gum, Citric Acid.

Contains: Milk, Eggs, and Wheat.

Color Me! Dogs Gift Tin
Color Me! Dogs Gift Tin
Color Me! Dogs Gift Tin