What's Inside

Crowd Pleasers Cookie Gift Collection

Small Crowd Pleasers
1 Chocolate Chip box (6 cookies)
1 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip box (6 cookies)
1 Beyond Butterscotch box (6 cookies)
1 Pink Sugar box (8 cookies)
1 small pack of Ginger Snappy (6 cookies)
1 pack of Chocolate Chip Brownies (4 brownies)
3 packs of Sugar Cookie Dots

Large Crowd Pleasers
10 assorted crisp collection boxes
1 bag chocolate drizzled popcorn
1 cylinder of pretzel rods
1 jelly bean tower
1 round of taffy
1 round of white chocolate chippers
1 round of gummy hears
1 brownie tin
3 cylinders of small colored dot cookies
1 cylinder of chocolate covered raisins
1 cylinder of chocolate covered coffee beans
1 round of hard-shelled chocolate candies

Eleni's is proud to offer only the freshest products to our customers. Because of this, sometimes our inventory can vary. Please be aware that some of the items in your gift collection may be substituted with similar treats, depending upon availability


For a detailed ingredients list please visit our About Me section of our website, under "Ingredients"

Nut Free

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Kosher Certified