Chelsea Market & Neighborhood

Chelsea Market & Neighborhood

Chelsea Market Store - Neighborhood

HAPPY NYC PRIDE! VISIT OUR CHELSEA MARKET STORE - We have Rainbow party favor cookies and Rainbow flag cupcakes!

When Eleni moved into the Chelsea Market in 1997, she had no idea (okay, maybe an inkling) that the Meatpacking District and Chelsea would become the center of the art and fashion worlds (and food, and nightlife…). Whether you’re in the neighborhood to shop, dine or gallery-hop, may we suggest you stop in for a cookie break?


Chelsea Market Store -The Market


Located in the former National Biscuit Company factory, everything from Oreos to Nilla Wafers (and Mallomars!) has been made in this Chelsea baking complex since the 1890s. In the late 90s, the city-block-size building was renovated to house a range of food producers, restaurants and businesses; Eleni was one of the first tenants to sign a lease for retail space. Today, you might stroll through to find a music concert,  a drawing class or a sample sale. For more information about the Chelsea Market, visit